“ countless police cars, helicopters, all along the street, up to hlavní nádraží, I have never seen so many police cars in my life, just because some people demonstrating, it’s unbelievable what the state is mobilising, very high costs also … “

... "The police is there to try the tactic of “einkesseln” what means that they try to separate people in small groups, to divide them from each other. And then to check the ID, register them, in order to get a fee, a money punishment. It’s about 250 EUR because the demonstration is illegal."

"Fun fact besides: the queues at the shops, where people are waiting to enter are often more then ten people.
Shops are just for vaccinated people with a current antigen test.
So I cannot enter any shop, just supermarkets and Lekarna"

"But: the shops are suffering so much … xmas was a disaster. I don’t care. I don’t need anything. Let them go bankrupt - or protest also.
There is no reason, I can go to supermarket with 100 people, but not to a shoe shop, where I’m mostly alone."

@LukeAlmighty according to my friend, we live in a paradise in the CZ in comparison to DE..
Still, in my opinion, it is not only about covid, why the state is so afraid of own people.. they treat them like if they were terrorists.. there is something more behind, probably the society is not as coherent as politicians describe it.. they deny something for years and now it is getting obvious..

>society is not as coherent as politicians describe it

That much is obvious, but I don't believe that is the reason for the lockdowns.

But I still haven't cracked that problem... And the only complete explanation so far t is the new faudalism... :FeelsSadMan:

@LukeAlmighty @mig Have you read the Operation Lockstep chapter from one of the Rockefeller Foundation PDFs? If not, I don't know where to find it again, sorry. But if you do, it's an eye-opener.
@mig @LukeAlmighty Aha! Found you!

Page 18.

Note that this document came straight from the Rockefeller Foundation, and was published in mid-2010.
agenda21 rockefeller plandemic convid1984.pdf
@zatrsakr @mig @LukeAlmighty Can't be a hoax when it's right in front of you. :blobfoxlaugh:
@LukeAlmighty @zatrsakr @mig > covid/coronavirus isn't mentioned in the report
Nobody said it did. :blobcatfacepalm: People need to learn to read before they debooooonk. :jahy_laugh:

@cowanon @zatrsakr @mig
It didn't mention how will they continue if people resist...

Well, Excuse me, how long of a manual with alternatives and improvisations do they need?

@LukeAlmighty I'm sure they have 6 gorillion one-size-fits-most counter-resistance measures, most of which is psychological. @zatrsakr @mig
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