After several years I decided to try #Kde again. It lasted a week and I am back to #Gnome.

In gnome I am really missing task panel (using dash to panel extension ✅), audio output switching on status menu (i have extension✅), app progress visualisation (there is no extension or even api for that❌)

Kde/Plasma has all this, but is buggy (it took me 5 min to crash it) and with all it's configurability I couldn't set it to behave as I want. One example: locking the session does not turn off monitors. Gnome does these things out of box.


@stepan I have escaped from KDE several years ago to i3, later to Sway.. KDE3 was amazing.. I was a big fan of it.. but then, with all the desktop features started with KDE4 (searching, plasmoids, etc.) it became overengineered, slooow and buggy.. instead of concentrating on programs, developers decided to make Windows 12.. so in 2021 it is still not perfect, Koffice is beta.. there are not enough native KDE programs overall.. maybe it is too much for the community and volunteers?

@mig Yes. It is noce to have everything configurable and have a lot of native apps, but that also means extremely large set of test scenerios. It is unmanageable.

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