A year ago I started to be annoyed by traditional social networks like Facebook and Twitter and started to look for alternatives.

First part of my solution is Mastodon. Open source social network that I ended up running on my own home server. No more ads, no more post sorting by relevance. Just a chronological wall of posts that I want to see. I am so glad that there is software like this...

Second part is RSS reader. I ditched Feedly and moved to self hosted TinyTinyRSS. Again: no more post sorting by relevance. Sadly, many webs don't support rss feeds. It used to be more common for websites to support RSS.

For example CzechTV video library ivysilani.cz has no RSS channels.👎
On the other hand, mall.tv has such RSS channels per show and it is so convenient to just subscribe to my favourite show. 👍 No notifications, no emails, just open rss reader when I am ready to watch.


@stepan podpora RSS byla přidána do sračkomatu, viz sracky.1984.cz/rss

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