The messenger explained.

It is finally something new and fullfils my yesterday's idea of serverless apps. It is not just another chat protocol. You could build chat, blogs, filesharing or dating apps on the top of it (using the framework). It even does not need internet to work, can synchronize messages over bluetooth or wifi.

@mig you may want to look into jami and maybe tox, as they have some things in common.

@mray thanks for tips, i will have a look! it seems to me that the concept is the right thing.. we will soon need those apps to avoid censorship.. what is still missing IMHO is a way to hide the data in normal communication, because I expect governments to block ports and allow only certain channels/apps.. in this case it will be necessary to pass data visibly through these official channels, for instance encoded into multiple fake facebook messages.. (let's talk about weather! :-D )

@mray i see they have things in common.. the most common problem is to interconnect without the server.. Briar uses Tor hidden service started directly on the mobile.. Tox seems to use own "bootstrap nodes".. Jami seems to use OpenDHT..

still, I see the as the topmost secure app which does not leak any metadata.. and I like it's possibility to communicate via bluetooth/WiFi.. and the concept of delay-tolerant network which allows synchronizing messages through another users..

I expect governments will try to block ports, sniff ssl traffic (using own cert authorities).. it won't be so easy to communicate freely in the future..

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