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As a 50 year old human doing software development for a living, I wonder about age's effects on what is sometimes seen as a young person's game. I feel like I've continued to get better at it over the years; good to see research supporting this:



@mirek I see more and more that the development of IT is not moving in a direction that I would enjoy as before. It used to be a game and you felt a little special when you were dealing with something that no one else knew. Then it became mainstream with everything: trends, emotions, brands. For me, today's programming is no longer about discovering the unknown, but rather building from LEGO according to a predefined manual. It's no longer "fun", but work. And the worst part is that much more than before, the dumbest solutions are proving to be the winner :-) I don't like it at all, so I basically resigned from programming as a job, I program only for fun and especially microcontrollers, where the fun is still present somehow.

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